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The Story

Don expressed in his personal history...“Nothing has reached my inner emotions more than music.” From an early age, he showed musical aptitude. Intrigued with classical music he listened to on a small radio, Don was able to play little tunes by ear. He received a few beginning piano lessons and at age 9, began a lifetime of service as church musician- playing for countless singers, choirs, conferences, weddings, funerals, and the like.

In the early 1960s, he demonstrated small organs at Sears and sold them “faster than they could get them in.” Don was church organist in his hometown of Liberty for 47 years before moving to North Ogden in 1997. His wife, Ruth, was always by his side listening, learning, appreciating, and sometimes turning pages. She was his most devoted listener.

Don and Ruth Clark -

Lifelong supporters of music

Passion only begins to describe the emotion with which Don and Ruth Clark approached music. Theirs was a lifetime pursuit journeying from concert events as attendees to informal teaching, accompanying, rehearsing, and other opportunities to render service wherein they instilled in many their love for music. It is in that spirit a foundation was established- bearing their name, with a mission to afford others the possibility for discovery and growth as they are exposed to and experience musical performance.

Influencing lives, shaping character, and awakening emotions through musical performance is the foundation’s fundamental focus.

About The Foundation

The foundation is highly structured and mission-driven to provide benefits for participants by mandating prudent use of its resources all of which are allocated for the betterment of individuals through music performance and appreciation.

Participant benefits include:

  • positive influence to enrich souls while sharing the sublime power of music

  • exciting concerts, community sing-alongs, hymn recitals, community choir rehearsals, hymn instruction, and master-class settings

  • rehearsal time for individuals and access to the memorial organ

  • citizen unity is fostered and community outreach is achieved

  • possibility for fulfillment from assisting in the preservation of a part of musical history

  • opportunity for philanthropic giving where return value is measured by advancement, achievement, and development of people rather than monetary returns.

Participation ensures quality of music education.

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Promoting an awakening of music; enhancing awareness and appreciation of music performance, endearing minds to a refined sensitivity of musical artistry.

Scope: The foundation seeks to share the experience of music by creating performance opportunities and various concert series whereby people are united and enveloped in a synergy offering a heightened sense of the power of music.

Objective: Sponsor performance events enabling a constituency of participants to be developed consisting of event attendees, performers, guest artists and budding students. An essential feature of the foundation is its pipe organ- procured with intent to memorialize Don M. Clark who served with distinction as organist and who fostered a passion for music with all who were able to hear.

Concept: Through event sponsorship and donor participation, funds are allocated to the housing and preservation of the foundation’s pipe organ, the establishment of scholarship awards to eligible music students, and the recognition and support of external endeavors deemed worthy by merit of values to association with the foundation.

Don & Ruth's Family


Randy (not pictured), Jeff, Jerilyn, Jim, Roseanne, and Chelle

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