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Be Part of the Foundation

Donations to Clark Music Foundation are tax-deductible.  Please consider helping us move forward as we work to share music through live-streams.  Thanks always for your interest and support.

Equipment Needs:

PTZ Video Cameras: (2@ 1800.00 ea)

PanTiltZoom cameras allow for a professional approach in streaming high-quality video.  Close-up shots are possible of piano and organ keyboards along with viewable backstage action (in pipe chambers) showing the myriad of unique mechanical pieces associated with the Wurlitzer pipe organ.  Our hope is to provide audience viewers, no matter how far away, a sense of room ambience as though they were in the room.


Movie Projector for Silent Movies: (3500.00)

Clark Music Foundation has collected nearly 1000 silent movies and will show the best of them to concert attendees as well as to live-stream friends.  With hope that many people can learn and relearn the fun of movies from a bygone era, we'll show various silent films and cartoons several times a year and rekindle interest of the silver screen with live accompaniment on the Wurlitzer.

Follow-spot for improved stage lighting of concerts (1750.00)

Professional begins with professional lighting.  And though many lights have been installed, a specialty spot light is necessary to produce an improved look for concert audience and streaming friends.



Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

Patron Benefits:

  • Early-access

  • Pick songs

  • Access to past live-stream recordings

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